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Helping our neighbors in need.

Faithhammer - Faith gets the work done!

Faithfully Serving the Communities in Central Virginia

What is Faithhammer?

Many of our neighbors find themselves in need of costly home repairs that cannot be completed on a fixed income. They do not know where to turn to ask for help, guidance, support, and financial assistance that can greatly improve their safety and  comfort.

Faithhammer is here to help. We are a Christian non-profit that provides our community members who are sick, disabled, and aging with  comfort and safety-focused home improvements.

Faithhammer is Unique

We factor health into the equation. We understand that financials are not the only criteria to consider when qualifying a recipient and that home and health go hand-in-hand.
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How Faithhammer Works

Step One

Faithhammer Step 1

In order to meet the needs of our neighbors, Faithhammer fully vets each application for assistance and evaluates the work that needs to be done.

Qualified Faithhammer team members make a home visit to evaluate the work needed and collect detailed specifications.

Step Two

Faithhammer Step 2

Step Three

Faithhammer Step 3

Each job is scored based on a  weighted decision matrix, then posted on the website with descriptions and pictures including general location. Recipients’ stories are included in each posting.

Partner Service Providers (PSP) browse posted jobs and accept them as either full donation or Faithhammer-funded at their cost. (PSPs enjoy a tax deduction for donated work).

Step Four

Faithhammer Step 4

Step Five

Faithhammer Step 5

The work is scheduled with the PSP. The Faithhammer team helps prepare the recipient and the home for the work to begin.

The work is completed by the PSP. The Faithhammer team remains engaged throughout the project.  

Step Six

Faithhammer Step 6

Step Seven

Faithhammer Step 7

Faithhammer wraps up the project with celebration and recognition!  We do this by sharing photos (with consent), testimonials and information about completed jobs on the Faithhammer website and by email.  We will also give shout-outs on social media to our PSPs, their work crews, and our volunteers.

Get Involved!

You can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable members of our community. Join the team of dedicated volunteers who bring life-changing improvements to our neighbors.

Volunteers use their wide range of skills to get the job done. From administrative assistance and logistics to on-site demolition and cleanup, no matter what skills you’ve got, we’ll put them to good use!

Ready to get started?
Give us a call to learn more about available volunteer opportunities.
You can help Faithhammer fulfill our mission.

Your Contribution Can Change A Life

You can participate with a donation or money or time. Whatever you can give will make a positive impact on vulnerable members of our community.

As a non-profit, we rely on the generosity of our community to help get the job done. 

Financial contributions, no matter how big or how small, have the power to create lasting safety and comfort for neighbors in need.

Donations received are used to help our neighbors in need of home improvements including:

  • Safety-focused: Access Ramps, Porch Repair, Walk/Roll In Showers, Repairing Rotted/Sagging Floors, Electrical Hazards, Hot Water, Fixing Destructive Leaks, Mold Remediation, Inoperable Plumbing
  • Comfort: HVAC, Weatherization, Door Widening
  • Cosmetic: Painting, Carpet Replacement

Also, please consider

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Help Us Help Others

Do you or someone you know need safety-focused home improvements but are unable to meet the cost? We want to help. 

By connecting us with potential recipients, you can help expand our positive impact in the community.

Get in touch with a team member, contact us, or submit an application on behalf of yourself or others.

In order to meet the needs of our neighbors, Faithhammer fully vets each application for assistance and evaluates the work that needs to be done.

Contact Us

Call us at 804-244-5840 or at

“…faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”

~ James 2:17